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"On a phone call to Earthcore Industries about a month ago, I was referred to Marek Niziol of Euro Construction in Maine, about a five hour drive away. Marek agreed to deliver the material here to New Brunswick and instruct a local mason on the fine points of Isokern installation. 

During the weekend, many builders and contractors came to visit, and each was impressed not only by the product, but by Marek's ability to communicate the integrity and value of Isokern to both the tradesman and homeowner alike. The local mason who handled the job is now confident that Marek's guidance has him well-trained for future installations on his own. In the few days that Marek was here, several more jobs are about to be finalized - including a new Isokern fireplace for me - and we are now forging ahead with forming a business relationship here to serve the needs of Atlantic Canada from Marek's distributor inventory in Maine.

Once again, I am so grateful for finding Marek and Isokern.

Best regards, JB"


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